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10 Free Image Slider Extentions for Joomla

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If you surf the web, you’ll probably see that more and more websites have a slider that rotates images and text and usually at the top of the home page. Visitors take decision within 8 seconds whether to stay on the website or not.

To hold them onto your site, you need strategic planning and web design. The best way to achieve this is display all the information in as interative way as possible. One solution, slideshows and sliders, is an excellent way to display information such as images in an organized and compact manner.

In this blog post, we share with you 10 free Image Slider Extensions for Joomla. These extensions will help you create image sliders faster and more efficiently. This in turn will speed up your development time.

1. Simple Picture Slideshow


2. JM Responsive Slideshow


3. TZ Multi Slideshow


4. D-J Image Slider


5. Code 7 Responsive Slider


6. Ari Image Slideshow


7. Slideshow CK


8. Vinaora Nivo Slider


9. Creative Image Slideshow


10. JS Flexslider


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