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10 Free Desktop Icons sets

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Icons are the expressions of your desktop applications. They have to be so creative that you remember an application not by its name but simply by its icon. That’s the power of icons.

Windows kind of revolutionized the way we thought and worked with icons. However, with the changes in time and development in design trends, it becomes difficult to keep up the pace. Often designers face creative blocks while designing some.

But that’s not an issue any more. Web is rich with content. That’s why we are sharing 10 desktop icon sets which you can use for your next desktop icon design task.

1. Realistic Icons

realistic icons

2.  Adobe CS 2.0 Grande Icon Set


3. Isabi


4. Icon for Transformers


5. Aeon


6. HP Dock Icon Set

hp docl

7. Helix icons


8. Prostor Icons


9. Adobe CS3 full pack

adobe cs3

10. Windows Icons V1

windows v1

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