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10 Cool WordPress Login Protection Plugins

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If you have a big team and data that your WordPress website harbors is sensitive, you would hate to keep your WordPress login unprotected. We bring you 10 WordPress login protection plugins that will help you keep your WordPress based website safe.

These login protection strategies work in different ways. While some look for stealth other simply limit the number of login attempts which you can customize yourself. There are at least 10 different ways here.

So go on and make your WordPress account secure.

1. Stealth login page

1. Stealth-Login-Plugin

2. Brute force login protection

2. brute force login protection

3. Login LockDown

3. Login lockdown

4. User Locker

4. User locker

5. Limit login attempts

5. limit login attempts

6. WP Secure Login

6. WP-Secure-Login

7. WP Super login plugin

7. Wp-Super-Login-Plugin

8. Force Login

8. Force-Login

9. Admin Custom login plugin

9. Admin-Custom-Login-Plugin

10. Custom Login

10. Custom-Login

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