10 Cool jQuery Rotate Plugins

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It is the era of the web. But the the underlying principles have not changed. While earlier, you had to look cool in physical, now your business must look cool online too. You cannot escape it.

From time to time, clients demand various types of design. One of them include rotation of images. The idea is simple: your website must look elegant and beautiful.

But rotating images has a functional value as well. If you have every visited an e-commerce store, especially the one which sells apparels, you would have seen products thoroughly by rotating them. Rotation helps get the better view of the product.

That’s why this time we have rounded some 10 jQuery rotate plugins which you can use to create some awesome effects. While some of the plugins take 3D images, the other jQuery plugins will work on plane images as well.

So, read on and select the one that suits your need.

1. Circle


2. Reel


3. jQuery Image Cube

jquery image cube

4. 360 Slider

360 slider

5. SpriteSpin


6. 3dEye.js


7. Dopeless Rotate

dopeless rotate

8. Ajax Zoom

ajax zoom

9. 360 Panorama for jQuery

360 panorma

10. 360 Image Slider

360 image slider

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