Syntax Highlighter WordPress Plugins

Top 6 Syntax Highlighter WordPress Plugins

A Syntax Highlighter supports multiple languages, themes and fonts and can easily post syntax-highlighted code to your website without modify the code. In this article, we have published

Alert Message Box

How to show an Alert Message Box in Javascript

In this tutorial, we will show you how to show an Alert Message Box in Javascript. This is a very simple script and explained in detail with 3

Sensational Responsive Blogger Template

525+ Free Responsive Blogger Templates – 20 Categories

Blogger or Blogspot is one of the best and most demanding platform powered by Google. You need not to learn any programming skills to use blogger platform, it’s

Split a Long WordPress Page

How to Split a Long WordPress Page into Multiple Pages?

Pagination is a very popular term in WordPress and every blogger or web designer wants to split long page into multiple pages.  There are so many WordPress plugins

Coupon Creator WordPress Plugin

Top 3 Free Coupon Creator WordPress Plugins

Coupon websites like Groupon are becoming very popular now a days because everyone likes to save money with every deal. Today so many merchants sign up for coupon

Advanced paging navigation interface

WP-PageNavi WordPress Plugin for Advanced Pagination

Why pagination is required? Pagination requirement and use may be different for one blogger to other. Some use it for easy navigation and some use it for other

3 ways to add css to html

3 Different Ways to Add CSS to HTML

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and it defines How HTML elements are to be displayed. The style sheet is the presentation of the HTML document. There are

Check Website Speed Online

Top 11 Websites to Check Website Speed Online

We have seen many websites like Facebook that don’t take much time to load. Whether you are using a 2G or 3G connection, website loads very quickly. Just

Theme X – Best Selling WordPress Theme Ever

Theme X – The Best WordPress Theme Ever Made

The theme X includes multiple unique designs inside a single powerful theme. There is no setup required for theme X, it works simply and easily that’s why the

Difference Between HTML & HTML5

What are the differences Between HTML and HTML5

Whether you are a newbie or experienced web developer, you need to understand the differences between HTML and HTML5. HTML was officially released in 1993 and HTML5 was